11x14-acrylic This painting couldn’t be more appropriately named. I started with a pour and spatter technique, and I wasn’t liking the results. Then out of frustration, the top layer was created in an unexpected way. I ended up loving this piece, and it's now hanging in my studio. Sometimes you just have to keep tweaking … Continue reading Serendipity


16x20 Acrylic I enjoy the light, wispy strokes of the white paint, and I feel it denotes what a whisper may look like in the air. The contrasting black color represents the secretiveness that often accompanies a whisper.


16x20-acrylic & plastic I love making mixed media pieces,and I especially love working with material one wouldn't usually incorporate into a piece. For me this is the personification of what paranoia can feel like. As an artist with Bipolar 1, I've experienced paranoia firsthand during mania, and this is my way of releasing the memory … Continue reading Paranoia


16x20, acrylic This piece diverges from my usual methods, and it gave me the chance to practice my brushwork. I feel that this represents my personal growth as an artist, and my desire to keep branching out into new territory while I continue to find my voice.


My name is Alexis Avery. I am  an emerging, self-taught artist whose main focus is abstract art. Working mostly in acrylics, I utilize a variety of methods including brushwork, pouring, spatter, and various mixed media techniques.  Branching off my degree in Psychology, I play with form and color to express a diverse range of emotions. I draw … Continue reading Welcome